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Our Sing for Joy London choirs are seated choirs of around 25 people with conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis – including active helpers and carers and, of course, our expert teachers.

Even though most of us think we can’t sing, and most of us don’t read music (and we don’t need to) we make a lovely sound together.

We enjoy seated warm-ups to help our posture, breath control and vocal flexibility (which benefits our speaking voices just as much as our singing voices).

Then we get down to it and sing, still seated if you prefer, jazz, soul, folk, musicals and anything else that takes our fancy.

We meet in Kentish Town on Tuesdays and Bloomsbury on Wednesdays

The Sing for Joy choirs are not currently able to meet in person – but we still sing together via Zoom on Tuesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 4pm. Do get in touch for more information.

Each choir is independent and self-managed by a committee of volunteers elected by its members, and overseen by the trustees of the charity Registered No. 1135175.

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“People with Parkinson’s Disease can lose our voices. Our faces, hands and bodies can stop being able to move.

So we can lose our smiles and other ways of expressing ourselves with our families and friends. 

Singing helps us keep and grow our voices, mobilise our faces and lungs, and feel the joy of making music.”

We are a registered charity and raise our own funding. Donations are always most welcome, click here to make a donation. We also help and advise people who want to start similar choirs

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