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At our 2018 Songfest at Cecil Sharp House, our longstanding member Michael gave a moving speech about his participation in Sing for Joy. Here’s what he said:

What the hell am I doing here?

Well, I suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. I do have a slight tremor – most, but by no means all sufferers do. Unfortunately, speech defects are almost equally common. So, I speak too quickly, slurring my words.  So I’m not understood.  And too quietly, so I’m not even heard.  Try talking with your head In a paper bag.  That’s how it feels and sounds.

 Now, an angel (I don’t remember which one) suggested singing was a good exercise for sufferers from Parkinson’s. So, that’s why I’m here. I’m learning to speak slowly.  Clearly.  And loudly.  And I have found my voice, too. I know I’m being pushed by Malmfrid but I am delighted with the results.

The sound of the choir is awesome.  My God, where did that sound come from?  Who me?  Even my mother, who loved me deeply, thought I couldn’t sing.  Can I sing in such-and-such key?  I can sing in any key.  And usually do. But, as Steve Jobs used to say before introducing the world to some insanely great life-changing gadget (think iPod, iPad, iPhone): Just one more thing!

Many, many Parkinson sufferers also suffer from depression. I might look and sound OK but there’s a real nasty snake-pit somewhere inside me, however much the sun is shining outside.  Sing for Joy is a real help; a real tonic. So, much, much more important.  I reckon Sing for Joy is the best support group around! I arrive on Tuesday evening tense, tired and down.  I leave on Cloud 9 and I really, really don’t know why.  And I don’t think I’m the only one to get this buzz. One small clue to what’s going on.  Parkinson’s leaves my joints stiff, so putting on my overcoat is a challenge.  Without fail, someone asks: Can I help?  Without fail!

It’s great, I love SfJ and I cannot recommend it too highly, whether Parkinson’s sufferer or not. Join now and avoid the rush.

Please Contact Us if you’d like one of our volunteers to get in touch with you.

Please Support Us if you would like to make a donation.

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